Reinventing Healthcare through Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in the Operating Room

VLIPPmed™ is a global Virtual Reality platform that provides healthcare professionals and medical students alike with access to “real life” immersive training content through an innovative 360° experience.

It enables experts to demonstrate complicated medical procedures, surgeries or emerging scientific advances in a safe environment to audiences of any size.

The platform can be viewed live or on-demand and streamed simultaneously to multiple locations around the world, including undeveloped countries.

Imagine 10 years ago trying to envision the way we use smartphones today. It’s impossible. That’s the promise of VR today. VR at its best shouldn’t replace real life, just modify it, giving us access to so much more that is just out of reach physically and economically.


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    • Specialist medical training is inaccessible and expensive.
    • 1-size-fits-all training modules are not efficient.
    • E-learning technologies have reached their limits.

The VLIPPmed™ solution

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    We capture medical training content, of special and general interest, in VR creating immersive experiences to help train students and doctors around the world.

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    We provide Healthcare professionals around the world with a unique and innovative marketing platform.

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    We are creating a unified VR-content delivery platform, dedicated to the distribution of medical VR content.

How it works

Watch the video to see how VLIPPmed™ works.

Ranked in the top medical tech developments for 2016




Dr Ashok Sethi

Specialist in Oral surgery and Prosthodontics, Programme Director, Practical Implant Dentistry Academy

"Mativision is very forward thinking and this concept of VR in the Operating Room is going to make a huge difference in medical education around the world. It is going to make medical education readily accessible to all parts of the world, using a very convenient technology."


Mr Harbhajan Plaha

Specialist in Orthopaedic surgery, Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England

"I certainly see this as a technology that is going to be adopted very widely and I certainly hope so because there is such a huge potential in it and I am absolutely convinced that this is the way forward."


Dr Manos Fandridis

MD, Phd Hand Surgery-Upper Limb and Microsurgery Department at General Hospital "KAT" Athens

“In a trauma hospital, critical surgical operations can be life saving for the patient and the VLIPPmed™ platform multiplies their value by spreading relevant knowledge and practices to the global medical community”.


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Joanna Tzima – Head of Production